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A Visit to Cape Town – The Beginning

Cape Town's fort with Table Mountain in the background

Cape Town with Table Mountain

One of the world’s great cities, certainly the most beautiful city in Africa, no visit to southern Africa is complete without a visit to Cape Town (known among the locals as the “Mother City”).  It’s not the head of government (that’s in Pretoria) but South Africa’s Parliament is situated here along with one of the country’s foremost universities.  When you drive in from the city’s modern airport, you’ll see the Grote Schuur hospital complex on your right.  It was here that South African heart surgeon, Dr. Christian Barnard, performed the world’s first successful heart transplant in 1967.

Situated on the eastern shores of the Atlantic Ocean and with towering Table Mountain in the background, the location is certainly dramatic.  It’s also a magnet for South Africa’s young people for its cool, active vibe

As a first time visitor to Cape Town, we’ve listed some of the must-see sights. Continue reading

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